Welcome to Mississippi Ecological Design

Mississippi Ecological Design seeks to encourage the growth of healthy, prosperous human settlement in North Mississippi through rediscovery of the relationship between people and place.  The natural world has the capacity to generate an abundance of food and resources that can be utilized through conscious design of home and habitat.


My mission is to provide tools and services that empower individuals and communities to live in harmony with their environment.  The central focus of my work is the creation of ecologically diverse garden spaces.  I practice a method of integrated systems design called permaculture, which is based in the observation of energy flows and natural patterns.


  • Develop ecological food gardens throughout North Mississippi
  • Spread understanding of permaculture ethics and principles
  • Introduce or reintroduce people to gardening
  • Rebuild the personal connections between people and land
  • Promote an appreciation for the inherent value of the land and encourage a sense of personal stewardship
  • Generate local economic opportunities
  • Reduce individual and collective dependence on fossil fuels and other unstable central markets
  • Establish a support network of designers and advocates
  • Live well, eat well, and have fun!

See if you can answer all the questions in the Bioregional Quiz.  Post your answers online!

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